Every brand, every company, every experience has a story

What is StoryTellings?

StoryTellings is a proprietary research process. It is a proven methodology for collecting stories and interpreting them from the perspectives of three distinct disciplines: mythology, depth or archetypal psychology, and symbology.

It is in the expert interpretation of these stories that we can begin to understand the patterns, themes, words, phrases, and symbolic images that connect ‘everyday stories’ to ancient and timeless myths and archetypes. These mythic stories and archetypes trigger powerful and deep-seated emotions. By building on this mythic foundation we can create an emotionally compelling brand or company story, one that forges enduring bonds between consumers, employees and the brand or the company.

StoryTellings differs from other qualitative research in several significant ways. First and foremost its emphasis is on the stories, their collection and especially their interpretation. We want to collect as many stories as we can from as many different people as possible. What are the stories consumers or employees tell about a company or a brand? What do these stories mean and how can they guide us in creating the emotional connections to create zealous employees and customers?

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