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The Power of Stories

What do ‘storied’ companies and brands know that allows them to reap such benefits from their stories and leverage it into market and financial success? Underlying their accomplishments is a very succinct understanding of the primary role story plays in both our individual and collective lives. They know the power of story in generating strongly and deeply felt emotions. And they are able to translate that emotional energy into behaviors that transform ordinary customers and employees into passionate advocates…into communities of ‘true believers’.

Why stories? To be human is to have a story and we think of our lives as a story. Story is the structure that gives meaning and order to our lives. Instead of trying to make sense of the literally millions of independent events that comprise our lives, we intuitively organize them into an orderly sequence of events. We have a past, a sense of where we came from; a middle, who we are now; and a future, what we aspire to become. This is essentially the same structure - beginning, middle, end - that makes up a story.

Stories are how we convey our deepest emotions and talk about those things that we value the most. It is through the stories we tell that we are most able to portray the fullest array of human emotion.

Stories 'speak' to us at a number of levels. They appeal to our reason and intellect by providing evidence and information to bolster arguments and help us make informed decisions. Emotionally, they bond us to others who share the same story and give us a sense of belonging and community. And finally, they are the connection to a long forgotten past that is the rich source of the images and symbols that unconsciously motivate our behavior today.

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StoryTellings™ is a market research process using stories and a proprietary narrative analysis technique to help organizations discover the unconscious emotional motivations that drive consumer and employee behavior.