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Edward Wachtman - Founder and Story Maker, StoryTellings™ Consulting

Edward Wachtman PictureEdward has been intrigued with stories and storytelling ever since he was a very young boy, spending lazy summer evenings on a farmhouse porch listening to his grandfather spin one yarn after another. Stories were an interest he pursued in graduate school, completing a Masters degree in Myth and Religion and then going on to write his doctoral dissertation on story as a research tool.

In his almost 25 years as a management and marketing consultant, Edward has honed this passion for stories: helping organizations tap into the power of stories to motivate and influence employee and customer behavior; designing research studies where stories were the primary vehicle for collecting data; and writing intricate case studies for training and development purposes. more...


Sheree Johnson – Founder, Consultant, Business Manager, StoryTellings™ Consulting

Sheree’s story has taken her from her childhood in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to an international speaker, author and consultant. Sheree has 30 years of industry and consulting experience in marketing, sales, finance, strategy development, and planning. She has applied her experience and skills to helping clients with their Customer-Driven Strategy Development and Organizational Alignment.


In addition to founding CompQuest Consulting and StoryTellings™ with her husband, Edward Wachtman, Sheree played a critical role building two successful market research companies. She has worked with clients in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia. more...


April Bosshard - Field Coordinator, Writer

April believes that stories have the power to change hearts and minds. Through stories we find ourselves; we discover meaning; we develop purpose. Every life, every person, tells a story.

Communication, education, and creativity are the prevailing themes in April’s life story. In university, a degree in International Relations was derailed after she signed up for two elective film classes. After working on a few student films, she was accepted into the UBC film program and graduated with a BA in Film & Television. This love of film -- visual storytelling – fueled her passion for writing. more...

Kris Farmer – Transcriptionist, Field Assistant

Kris has an unrelenting curiosity for all things psychosocial.  Research is her passion, although her direction and focus are broad.  They include skepticism, psychology (social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, unconscious, and perceptual), philosophy and metaphysical psychology, and computer science and artificial intelligence.  Nevertheless, she pays her bills by being a state of the art transcriptionist/note taker.  She uses her passions for computer technology to improve the speed and efficiency of her research quality note taking skills, taking full advantage of new digital methods of recording and transmission of information. more...


Jeananne Laing - Field Coordinator

Jeananne was raised in a small fruit farming community in the Similkameen Valley of British Columbia. Her mother, the local librarian, instilled in her a deep respect for the power of the written word, and of course, story: Early on Jeananne learned that books were not only gateways to other worlds and experiences, but also the key to understanding the vast mysteries of our existence.

Growing up, her life was simple but full. Homegrown food, fresh air, and the freedom to explore the rugged and pristine beauty of the BC interior were defining elements of Jeananne’s childhood. It was in these modest beginnings that she began to develop her lifelong passions for learning and adventure. more...

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StoryTellings™ is a market research process using stories and a proprietary narrative analysis technique to help organizations discover the unconscious emotional motivations that drive consumer and employee behavior.