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360° Brand Story Building™

How do we move consumers to act? In understanding consumer behavior, research is demonstrating that the extraordinary appeal of the most successful brands is based on their mythic qualities – qualities that have moved people to action since the beginning of time, such as self-reliance, freedom, belonging, self-discovery. Developing and managing your brand demands that you fill every part of your organization with the mythic qualities of your Brand Story. It’s what we call 360° Brand Story Building™. Download PDF


The Persuasive Power of Story

Consumers today are inundated with facts and figures. There is little attempt to capture their imagination, and make them want to really listen to what we are saying. And therefore there is little chance the behaviors and actions we are looking for will happen. To create strong and lasting bonds with consumers and get them to act to our advantage, we must awaken their emotions. Stories are the fundamental form of persuasive communication. Download PDF


Discovering Your Persuasive Story

Every day we face the daunting challenges of finding a competitive edge, discovering new ways of reaching people, capturing their attention, and most importantly persuading them to take action. In order to get people to act, we must engage them emotionally. A highly effective way to do this is through the persuasive power of stories. Discovering what makes a story persuasive begins with first understanding our audience at a deeply emotional level. Download PDF


Recommended readings:

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